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Closed Suction Systems
17. Vital-Cath™ 72 Closed Suction System?
  • Vital Cath™ ClosedSuction System can remain connected to the patients for as long as 24 hrs. 
  • With Isolation valve, Vital-Cath™ 72 Closed Suction System is allowed to prolong the using time to 72 hrs.  Suction with simultaneous ventilation is available while the Isolation Valve is at ON.  When the valve is closed, the catheter can be irrigated without allowing the contaminated irrigating solution to enter the patient’s airway.  Also, the valve can maintain the patient airway pressure, and prevent the catheter from unintended entering the endotracheal tube or trachestomy tube. 

Always ensure to withdraw the suction catheter entirely until the black ring indicator is visible before turning the valve to OFF position. 







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